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08 November 2009 @ 08:00 pm
well, just over 20-21 weeks now. I went in last Monday for an ultrasound appointment and got to see my little bundle of joy for the first time ever. I completely enjoyed every second of the appointment. I got pictures!!

The first is a pic of the baby with its hand in its mouth...we didn't find out the gender, and none of the pictures we got give it away. :) The second is a picture of the tiny little toes. Just so you know how tiny things are still, she measured the arm from shoulder to elbow and it measured at 1 inch long!


Here's a couple pictures to catch you up on my belly too. This one is from 15wks, the one after the cut I took a day or so ago, so 20wks. The 20wk one is pretty dark, having it grayscale helps a little, but you can see the belly so its all good.



I went to a prenatal yoga class tonight, that was great and I hope I can make it to more of them!

Oh and my friend Lisa who I met working at Ruth Dykeman Children's Center in Burien just moved up here to Bellingham, so hopefully we will reconnect and I will have a friend around again!! Perfect timing with Jenna moving and all!