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29 June 2009 @ 09:58 pm
life has been good, I seem to have kicked the crazies...once my long overdue period showed up my hormones settled back down to normal and allowed me to get control of things again....

people may discount my constant reference to woman hormones making me crazy but I honestly and sincerely think that is the source of the problem...maybe knowing that will help keep things controlled.

I'm going camping for independence day....I am super excited...I get to spend four days with Avery and Aubrey.....*squee* I couldn't ask for a better holiday. I adore them so much its ridiculous.

money isn't just laying around everywhere, but its not as tight as it used to be either....I've actually been able to afford to splurge on a couple things this month. I got a great new purse and I just bought a new swim suit....the first one in three years. :)

did I mention I'm going camping and I'm thrilled about it?! We are going to Idaho. I've never been to Idaho. I've been waiting all summer to go camping.

my family asked me to draw the design for the personalization of my grandma's headstone. There were a few things they wanted included so they told me what they wanted in it and I drew up a little design logo thing to put in the corner of it. A baseball, a football, a basketball, the Reggie-Burger man that is part of the L&M logo, and Yelm class of 1940.

I lost interest in updating...so, that is all.