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07 October 2009 @ 07:56 pm
17 weeks  
17 weeks...saying that can be deceiving....after all, that means I am 4months and 1 week pregnant...however...if you count nine months and take away four that leaves you with five months and if you count five months from today it would lead one to believe I was due end of Feb beginning of March...when in reality what I discovered is pregnancy is more like 10 months...well 9 and a little I guess...because it is 40 weeks...now if you figure 20 weeks is half way...thats five months figuring 4 weeks to a month...and 20 more weeks would be an additional 5 months. However some weeks are a little over four weeks which in the long run adds about a months worth of weeks I guess.


I talked with David Lawrenson today for the first time in forever it seems. Far too long. That man has an incredible ability to lift my spirits and make me feel like I'm on a cloud.

He called to check in with me and see how I was doing...we went through the list...how the pregnancy was going, how my relationship with the father (Neil) was and he threw in some well intentioned advice about relationship building and not stressing about all of it. And made sure to ask if he was a good guy. How I was doing psychologically (which he was very pleased to hear I was doing so well, he said he was concerned that something like a pregnancy would push me over the edge a bit but he was happy to hear it seems to have pulled me away from it instead. I agree). We talked about my grandma passing and where I was living and all of that hubub.

I got him to tell me how life was for him too. He is taxed by work, its draining for him and he still sounds pretty unhappy with his job. I wish there was something I could do for him. I hope things get better and he catches a break. But I was happy to hear that his kids are doing great and that he and his wife are doing much better than it seemed they were the last time we talked. His little girl is a junior cheerleader this year and he said its killing him!! haha. He bought himself a new car too...his dream car, which is good I'm glad he's pampering himself a little. A brand new dodge challenger. That's a HOTT car if anyone isn't aware!!

Ok then....that was the highlight of my day today. Oh I totally forgot it was my parent's 31st anniversary today. Mom said something to me about it while I was talking on the phone to her...I felt horrible, but told her happy anniversary anyways. Mann I have to remember things like that!

Still not really feeling the baby yet....every so often I feel something that I think is the baby but its not consistent or frequent.

A midwife appointment in a couple weeks. I will update what they have to say if anything important. And of course the ultrasound Nov 2nd. CAN'T WAIT!!