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*...whispered apologies...*

**-~Orange soda~-**
9 August 1984
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I'm a student at WWU. I'm a psych major. Getting my bachelors in psychology and going on to get my masters degree in Social work. I want to work at a children's hospital like St. Judes in Memphis or something similar. I wanted to be a child psychologist but was dissapointed when I found out about the lack of intimacy and involvement allowed as a professional psychologist. Social work allows me to make connections with the children and their families and become involved in their lives, basically be their friend and someone that is always there for them when they need me. The children that I will be working with will need that more than normal children because they will be dealing with childhood diseases and illness such as lukemia and other serious problems.

I've experienced some pretty heavy losses and other things in my life, I think I've been through more than most people my age should have to go through. I'm healing, but slowly. I hope to meet some cool new people and become friends....I love being in Bellingham and at Western, although I could do without the school part. College is great.

I'm much more social and outgoing when I'm with someone I know. Otherwise, for the most part, I am an introvert, kinda shy....so I have a hard time meeting people but I swear I am a totally cool person...ask any one of my friends...they'll tell you...I SWEAR!! I've been turning things around lately, wanting to go out and do new things, meet new people and do things that are a little out of character, and I've been having a blast doing so!!

I have a kitty here at school. I have four cats and a dog at home as well. She's a total airhead, but I love her anyways. I adore pit bulls and hope to have a couple of them when I have a place they can live comfortably. I want to get a chinese crested too...a dog I can carry around in a handbag and dress in funny clothes and stuff. I'd better not forget my fishies...I have a 30gal tank...they're awesome but I want to get rid of the big catfish I have so I can restock with some different kinds of fish. They can be a pain somtimes...and I've had my fair share of fishie deaths...they are hard to care for sometimes.

I dreadfully miss France....went there once while I was still in highschool....I'm dying to go again and see everything and mingle with the people...the more I think about it, the more I think I'd like to live in France for a while.

"Thanks very much" <---Johnny Depp...he says it in all his movies, I swear!
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